Internship: The Square is Where

square is where

During the summers of 2013 & 2014, I served as an events intern for the Downtown Dayton Partnership in Dayton, Ohio. As events intern I was in charge of coordinating programing for The Square is Where, a daily lunchtime music & arts entertainment event for downtown business workers. Daily events included music performances, visual/performance art exhibitions and trivia.

TSIW Responsibilities

  • Assisted in booking music & arts acts for a period of more than 75 work days
  • Managed events daily
    • Coordinated stage setup with sound company
    • Ran information table
    • Set up games & banners
    • Created special events pages
    • Assisted volunteers
    • Paid artists
  • Maintained social media accounts
    • Posted daily about each event
    • Previewed upcoming events and special weeks
    • Photographed events and added pictures to gallery
    • Managed social media contests
  • Developed & programmed special themed weeks
  • Worked with The Square Squad, a team of DDP employees, city officials and  downtown business professionals to better organize events, brainstorm new ideas and revise strategies
  • Communicated event information with downtown business employees
  • Organized and ran special events, including cornhole tournaments and art competitions
  • Put up event posters around downtown, chalked sidewalks and passed out flyers

Special Projects

I worked with a team of DDP employees and interns to create a marketing strategy to acquire more contact information for our e-mail newsletter. Given a budget of $300, our idea was to use weekly drawings as a way to collect contacts. At the end of each week, I sent the names and e-mail addresses of those who entered to our communications director, who then entered the contacts into a listerv. By the end of the 2014 summer, our e-mail list grew by over 300 percent and our weekly attendance increased by 25 percent.



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